Student Leaders in Public Health in Pakistan

The project “Student Leaders in Public Health in Pakistan” is designed to combat the worsening situation of COVID-19 and other health issue in Pakistan. A team of public health professionals will mentor Pakistani students by hosting virtual sessions.

The current project is being conducted with the collaboration of the Pak-US Alumni Network, US Mission Pakistan, and Kher-Kun organization. The project entitled “Student Leaders in Public Health in Pakistan” is design to combat the worsening situation of COVID-19 in Pakistan and all over the world. Though the leadership program, a team of public health professionals will mentor Pakistani students by hosting multiple virtual sessions on public health.

Project Goals:
The long-term goals of this project are to empower Pakistani students to be future leaders in public health, to engage well trained public health professionals (Pakistani Fulbright alumni, Current Fulbright Students, and USA citizen students), and to build a strong and positive collaboration between Pakistani and US students.

Project Objectives:
We have recruited brilliant and passionate students from diverse academic backgrounds from all over the country. The diverse group of people will be trained following one health concept to strengthen the interdisciplinary approach to combat emerging and existing public health issues in Pakistan. Students
will be taught how to prevent and control COVID-19 spread and other emerging health issues. through different sessions students will learn and develop strategies on how to create and spread a compelling public health message through social media platforms. These trained students will hep to cope with second wave there would be any in future.
Moreover, this project will empower students to think and analyze public health issues in both local and global contexts critically and design possible preventive strategies.

Selected students will also present a group project related to public health issues engaging friends and fellows at their local universities. All participants will receive career counseling and professional development training.

Final Project Report:


The SLPH program was conducted with the collaboration of Pak-US Alumni Network, U.S. Mission Pakistan, and Kher-Kun (Well-Wisher) organization.

Project Organizer:

Dr. Azam Ali Sher, a Fulbright alumnus of cohort 2015 & C.E.O. and Founder of Kher-Kun organization, proposed and led the project. He also covered different expenses associated with the project.

Guest Speakers:

• Faraz Khalid (Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health Organization- Egypt)
• M. Usman Zaheer (Food & Agriculture Organization (F.A.O.), Pakistan)
• Aisling Nolan (Michigan Public Health Institute, U.S.)
• Bhavita Kumari (Tulane University, U.S.)
• Sara Hungentobler (Michigan State University, U.S.)
• Syed Ali Hussain (Arizona State University, U.S.)
• Sajjad Khan (World Health Organization-Pakistan)
• Deborah Thomson (Founder & President of one Health Lessons, U.S.)
• Azam Ali Sher (Michigan State University, U.S.)

Where did the program take place?

The whole program was organized online through Zoom webinars because of the covid-19 pandemic.

Who participated in the program?

Our forty-one participants were either recent university graduates or enrolled students of 17 universities, and they hail from 29 different Pakistan districts. The program’s participants belonged to diverse academic backgrounds (Physicians, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Dietitians, Microbiologists, Biotechnologists, Agrarians, Engineers, Lawyers, and International Relations, and Gender Studies).
Here is the graphical representation of the students’ participation from different provinces of Pakistan.

After completing the eight-week-long program with many training sessions delivered by our distinguished guest speakers, all 41 participating students organized different awareness sessions on public health issues and engaged fellow students from all over the country.

Student Group Project Presentations

Let’s end Diabetes together

Group Members: Zahra Ashraf, a D.V.M. student from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Javeria Asghar, Pharmacist, and M.Phil. scholar from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, and Tehseena Alia, BSc. human nutrition and dietetics from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

Diabetes- A Healthy Lifestyle

Group Members:Adnan Sabir (Ph.D. scholar, University of Agriculture Faisalabad).

Zoonotic Diseases in Pakistan And Their Prevention

Group Members: Ali Ramish (D.V.M., Gomal University) and Shiraz Ali (D.V.M., Arid University)

One Health Concept to Control Emerging Infections

Group Members: Mr. Muhmmad Umar (CVAS Jhang), Mr. Muhmmad Baksh (CVAS Jhang), Mr. Shakoor Ahmad (UAF, Faisalabad), and Mr. Riaz Ahmed Gul (I.U.B. Bahawalpur)

Let’s Prevent and Reverse Osteoporosis with Medical Nutrition Therapy

Group Members: Ms. Maria Kausar (Mphil Scholar, UAF), Ms. Maryam Nawaz (M.P.H., UVAS Lahore), Dietitian Komal Khan (D.N.D., UVAS Lahore), Ms. Nadia Iqbal (BSc. (Hons.) Biotechnology UAF), and Ms. Hina Nisar (BSc. (Hons.) Gender Studies, PU Lahore).


Group Members: Hussain Abbas (Physician, Gilgit), Sakhi Madad (Karakoram University), Awais khan (Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad)

Mental Healthcare in Pakistan

Group Members:: Sadia Batool, Khadija Tehseen, Shifa Yosuf, Sumaira
The Relationship Between Drug Abuse and Tone of Discipline in Secondary Schools
Group Members: Ammun Bashir, Aqsa Zahoor, Abeeha Asghar, Talha Safdar

Dengue Fever Awareness

Group Members: Muhammad Faraz, Zeshan Rizaq, Muhammad Akram
Importance of Diagnostics in Public Health
Group Members: Asmat Khan, Tauseef Sarwar, Fatima Noreen, Nouman

Rabies Awareness Presentation

Group Members: Nida Ambreen, Khushboo Sehr

COVID-19 Pandemic (Video)

Group Members: H.M Attaullah, Nayab Zia, Aqib Razzaq

Drug Addiction, Resistance and Trafficking in Pakistan (Infogram)

Group Members: Sajjad Ali, Anand Kumar, Asmat Ullah, and Uzair

Social Media Links:
For events’ details, visit our official Facebook page of Student Leaders in Public Health (SLPH).

For accessing video recordings of these sessions, request to access our official close Facebook group.
For our ongoing public health awareness seminars organized by Kher-Kun, please visit our social media outlets, particularly Facebook page;

Announcement for Future Program:

We will be announcing our next leadership program in the coming Fall semester, 2021.