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Child Labor is a global issue with 215 million children forced to work and 115 million out of those work in hazardous environments. Unfortunately, Pakistan is amongst the top countries suffering from this disease.

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12.5 million of our innocent children who should be in schools are forced to work instead. These little souls are just 10-14 years old, and 88% of them are based in rural areas. 

Reasons behind this national predicament range from social to cultural, but the major cause is poverty. 38.8 percent of the population is living below the poverty line, with one in four individuals living in acute poverty.

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The families are convinced that their survival is not possible otherwise, and they put their kids to work instead of schools. These poor children are subjected to verbal and physical abuse and torture in many of the cases.  We, at Kherkun, are well aware of the gravity of this situation.

Be an Advocate

 We want to address this issue directly by reaching out to families and develop regional programs to pull kids out of work and put them into schools with the help of our generous sponsors.


We also realize that to eradicate this problem completely from our society, steps need to be taken in policy making. Therefore, we also plan to raise awareness through seminars and conferences all around the country.

You and Your Friends Can Be a Child Labor Advocates!

Dangerous problem of our community is child labor which effecting badly our society, kher-kun initiative taking it to main concern for removing this by publically and enabling those children with the education and health related services. Purpose is to empower those child so can grow in nation at equal levels.

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