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Education is one of the basic factor which plays a vital role in the development of a country. Education deals with employment opportunities in different sectors, promotes the social equity, awareness, tolerance, self-esteem and spread of political socialization and cultural awareness. Like many other developing countries, the situation of Pakistan’s education sector has not been very encouraging due to poverty, unemployment, over-population and slow pace of economic development in the country. It has been 72 years since independence but still we are far behind in developmental sector. Pakistan’s overall literacy rate remains static at 58 percent with literacy rate of males 70 percent and 48 percent of females. This means, there is much gap in men and women literacy rate. With such unstable literacy rate, we cannot meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Pakistan is the second country in the world with the highest number of children who do not go to school.

The emphasis in education is still on a general and liberal type of BA or MA degree. The change towards scientific and technical education has still not taken place. The quality of education is low; the teachers are under-paid, under-trained and dispirited. The students are apathetic as they see no relationship between education and higher earnings or status in the society.

Pakistan’s planners continued to allocate insufficient resources for education, especially for primary education. Moreover, the money allocated was not effectively spent. Effective education system is the need of time and makes the nation stronger and united. Being the honest, competent, devoted people, who knows the fruits of positive, constructive education. The team of Kher-Kun has taken the initiative to promote the education at all levels of Pakistan by sponsoring children who are out of schools, provision of new uniforms, stationaries and counseling sessions to parents for sending their children to schools in remote areas. Moreover, we are also providing scholarships, career counselling and mentoring sessions to students enrolled in universities to promote the higher education too.

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