Author: Ameer Hasan
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“And whoever saves one life, it is as if he had saved the whole mankind.”
(Al Quran- Al Mai dah Chapter 5 Verse 32)
Importance of Blood Donation
The Holy Quran verse clearly illustrated a person’s lifesaving, which denoted saving humanity. Blood transfusion is the foremost element for saving human life. Blood donation is the greatest charity and noble act as the only source for blood is the human body, and it does not produce in any production plant in the world.
Why Blood Donation is Necessary?
In the world appx, 234 million major operations are performed every year. Among those, the majority contains traumatic injuries, accidental injuries, cancer operations and pregnancy-related complicated operations. These all require a huge amount of safe and healthy blood transfusion at different stages. These facts are increasing each year due to various reasons. A colossal number of patients and people died due to unavailability and inaccessibility of blood for their requirements. Cater to this huge demand, blood donation activities should be increased to chase it. Blood donating people are lesser in numbers because various myths have arisen in their minds. One of the main myths is that blood donation has an adverse impact and is harmful to donors, but it’s not true. Blood donation is one of the finest feelings and moments of pride for the donor because he feels that the blood transfusion saves the person’s life, which is a noble act for him. There is a dire need to raise the blood donors globally by clarifying their myths and creating awareness about the blood donation benefits for the donor, recipient, and the community.
Benefits for Donor
A blood donor is a person who donates the blood for saving the patients’ life. Numerous myths associated with blood transfusion towards donors revoked them for blood donation. These myths should be overcome through appropriate awareness and demonstrating the health, social and communal benefits. Blood donation is necessary for every human, and donor criteria vary as per gender. A male can donate the blood after 3 months while the female donates blood after 4 months. A healthy and normal human can donate blood 10%-12% of his body’s overall blood circulation volume. In other words, a person who is 50 kg or above generally can donate 450 mL of blood per visit. Another crucial element for blood donation is the donor’s age limit. According to WHO, the lower age limit for blood donors is 16-17 years (18 years recommended), while the upper age limit is 60-70 years. In addition, there are some greater health benefits of blood donation discussed.
Boosting Immune System
Blood donation helps the boosting immune system of a person. The blood circulated fast to capture the existing blood space and generate the new cells. Fresh blood enhances the immune system and makes the inner self strong to fight different diseases. The donor feels fresh and active after blood transfusion.
Regeneration of Fresh Blood Cells
Blood donation is a greater source for the regeneration of new blood cells. Generally, the blood cells die after every 3 months and reproduce the new cells. While through blood transfusion, the existing blood transmitted from the body causes the regeneration of fresh blood.
Free Screening
Blood donation is most beneficial for the donor as he gets free screening reports. Before blood transfusion, the paramedical staff thoroughly checks the donor and take different tests to know the donor’s health condition.
Feeling of Pride Noble Act
Blood donation is a noble act, and it ignites the sense of pride and feeling of happiness in a donor. He thought and performed this noble act to save the others’ life through his blood. This feeling is a source of joy and happiness.
Benefits to Community
Blood donation provides numerous benefits to the donor and ultimate benefits to the recipient and the community. In the community, blood donation creates the source of brotherhood, serving behavior and help to each other, which leads to stabilizing the society. Some key communal blood donations are under-discussed.
Life Saving
One of the greater benefits of blood donation is saving human life. Blood donors save numerous people’s lives through blood transfusion and the blood used to inject in either trauma, accidents’ patients, pregnant women during deliveries or the Thelusma patients.
Brotherhood Attitude Development
Through blood donation, the spirit of brotherhood developed. The blood donor and recipient are both connected socially and morally. This connection generates brotherhood in society.
Stabilizing the Society
Blood donation helps to stabilize society. Generally, people are depressed through various causes that lead to an imbalance in society. While through blood donation, the society stabilizes because the donor and recipient both respect each other, help each other, and a serving attitude develops. This leads to stabilizing society.
Blood donation is the most integral part of humanity these days. It is beneficial for the donor and helps patients save from different diseases. Moreover, through blood donation, a healthy and happy community developed and the spirit of brotherhood created, and the serving attitude developed, leading to a stabilized community.