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Welcome to Kher Kun (Well Wisher)

A student-led non-profit organization dedicated to serve society in the best and most impactful of ways. We are a team of highly motivated professionals, students, researchers and members of civil society who are passionate to bring a positive change. Our immediate plans include providing health and education to far flung Pakistani villages through our professional volunteers. 


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Our Vision

To create a highly sustainabe, reponsible and aware society in Pakistan which is capable and willing to resolve all its issues internally through local resources and intellect. 

Our Goal

Our awareness campaigns will also include a variety of topics close to our team members’ hearts. Some of them are social justice, small scale businesses, career counseling and climate change. We at kher-kun invite you to join us in this exciting journey. 

Our Goal

Become a part of our wonderful and diverse team, bring forward your ideas and help us in creating a healthier, well-educated and prosperous society. Remember,

“There are many roads to prosperity, but one must be taken. Inaction leads nowhere”. Robert Zoellick

What we Do

About Us

Kher-Kun’s mission is to provide free and high-quality education and health services to people, particularly from marginalized and far-flung areas, and empower youth by offering career counselling, professional development, and entrepreneurship. 

The key objectives of Kher-Kun

  • To provide free vocational training and information technology resources to deserving people from far-flung areas of the country.
  • To facilitate youth about entrepreneurship and small businesses to increase household income, reduce poverty, and improve lifestyle.
  • To develop an e-health platform and local basic healthcare units, managed and operated by trained and volunteer youth, to deal with the community’s health emergencies.

The key objectives of Kher-Kun

  • Empower youth through career counselling and mentorship that will help them to be responsible and successful citizens.
  • To extend healthcare services to people living in villages and suburban areas of Pakistan.
  • To spread awareness about existing and emerging public health issues and save lives by ensuring essentialTo  preventive measures.
  • To establish an educational institution offering free education to poor children to eradicate the child labor curse.

To promote healthy youth activities at school and college levels, including professional development, sports competitions, and local cultural festivals.

To enhance cognitive learning and scientific aptitude by organizing mini projects and competitions among college students.

Our Services


Power and peace of any community is always related to health, civic can work with the excessive passion if they are healthy kher-kun is functioning with the aim of providing health related services to make people stress free and at equal hands to move on in a fastest world of technologies.


To empower public of our concern with the skills of Entrepreneurship so make them capable of choosing best profession route and emergent in a field of business, to make this generation to able learn and earn by leading and finding opportunities.


Concern and demands of world educated public who can stand and communicate with the world as accordingly developments. Our main concern is to enable our community with the quality education at higher levels of demands so it can lead to economical betterments among society.

Child Labor Eradication

Dangerous problem of our community is child labor which effecting badly our society, kher-kun initiative taking it to main concern for removing this by publically and enabling those children with the education and health related services. Purpose is to empower those child so can grow in nation at equal levels

Career Counseling

Our youth is lacking with the education and mentoring for future which can lead them to choose best career. Our efforts concern with this cause so we can eliminate major problems of our youth guide and provide them with best guidelines for future and setting goals.

Study Consulting

To empower public of our concern with the skills of Entrepreneurship so make them capable of choosing best profession route and emergent in a field of business, to make this generation to able learn and earn by leading and finding opportunities.

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Help With Kherkun By Donating Today!

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