Welcome to Kher-Kun (Well-Wisher), a non-profit organization dedicated to serve society in the best and most impactful of ways. We are a team of highly motivated professionals, students, researchers and members of civil society who are passionate to bring a positive change. Our immediate plans include providing health and education to far flung Pakistani villages through our professional volunteers. We also want to go after poverty and child labor in impoverished parts of the country through various awareness and support programs. Our awareness campaigns will also include a variety of topics close to our team members’ hearts. Some of them are social justice, small scale businesses, career counseling and climate change. We at kher-kun invite you to join us in this exciting journey. Become a part of our wonderful and diverse team, bring forward your ideas and help us in creating a healthier, well-educated and prosperous society. Remember,

“There are many roads to prosperity, but one must be taken. Inaction leads nowhere” ¬- Robert Zoellick


We are a team of highly motivated professionals, students, researchers &  members of civil society, working in following Domains .

Child Labor

Child labor has become a global issue, and millions of children are forced to work in a dangerous and hazardous environment. We at Kher-Kun are working hard to pull these kids out of work by providing financial and educational support so they could have equal opportunities to be happy and successful citizens.


Health is the most precious wealth, and healthy people are central to the progress and prosperity of society. Unfortunately, a huge proportion of the global population does not have  immediate access to the healthcare system. Kher-Kun is bringing experienced and competent healthcare professionals and volunteers to offer affordable healthcare facilities.


We aim to empower young people with the skills of Entrepreneurship and make them capable of choosing the best professional path and emergent field of business. We believe that a small but smart idea can make a big difference in society and change millions of lives. 


Career Counseling

Career counseling is a very powerful tool that can help students to choose a career path based on their interests and skills. We believe that students are a valuable asset of the nation and it’s our top priority to guide them, so they could succeed and thrive in future endeavors. 


Education is the foremost predictor of a nation’s future. We believe that education is slow but the most powerful force which can change the fate of generations and nations. Our goal is to enable the community with affordable quality education.


Coronavirus (COVID-20)-Campaign

Coronavirus (COVID-2019) is an emerging contagious infection. It is spreading very fast and infecting thousands and thousands of people every day all over the world. We are currently running an awareness campaign to educate people about this lethal infection and tell them how they can prevent themselves and their beloved ones. 


Kher-Kun is currently offering online and free career counseling sessions to students, which will help them to be prepared for and successful in future endeavors. We will be inviting very competent and brilliant speakers from all over the world to share their wisdom and experience.

Career Counseling

Education is our main focus because we believe it can change the fate of the whole nation. We are working and collaborating on a few projects where we will be improving the standards of educational facilities located in remote and rural areas. 

Online Quiz Competition

•This contest is open to university students all across Pakistan.
•There is no entry fee to participate.


•Certificate of Participation will be awarded to all participants.
•Souvenirs for top 3 position holders.


. Certificate of Participation will be awarded to all participants
.Top 3 positions will be selected by judges and their work will be published on Kher-Kun’s official website and pages on Facebook and Instagram.


We are currently engaged in multiple diverse projects and will be sharing our activities here. Please visit and follow us on our social media platforms to stay tuned to ongoing activities.


We are a team of highly motivated professionals, students, researchers and members of civil society who are passionate to bring a positive change. 




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